Data, Information and Knowledge

In order to get to innovative solutions knowledge is needed and knowledge itself is based on information and data. This page offers and overview of some of the most relevant Dutch web-portals and organizations.

Data and Information


Developing and generating specific support for national and international biodiversity policy requires us to use existing knowledge and generate new knowledge about biodiversity. Knowledge in this context refers to a fundamental knowledge of biodiversity as a complex biological phenomenon and its social significance, as well as to the applied knowledge needed to improve policy on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Research into biodiversity in the Netherlands is carried out by:

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) funds and coordinates research programs.

Internationally there is involvement by partners from the Netherlands in the following entities:

Capacity building and development within and from the Netherlands is delivered i.e. by:

For education in the field of Nature and Biodiversity in the Netherlands are active among others:

  • IVN Nature education (website in Dutch). Nature activities, courses, projects and campaigns to discover how much fun, how healthy and important nature is.
  • Duurzaam door. Builds networks, connects and shares learning experiences to speed up sustainable developments. Biodiversity is one of the main themes of the Duurzaam Door programme (webpage in Dutch). Since 2013 the Dutch government stimulates knowledge, awareness and capacity building regarding biodiversity through this programme (full title: ‘Duurzaam door’ Social Innovation for a Green Economy (document in Dutch). In this program also Nature- and Enviromental education (NME in Dutch) has its place.