Expert Advice on Government Communication on Biodiversity (comBIO 2008-2009)

This is a broad expert advice on middle and long term government communication on biodiversity. The report (in Dutch) is a result of the project 'Inter-Ministerial Communication on Biodiversity (comBIO)' which was implemented by Novioconsult, CREM, and PauwSanders Zijlstra van Spaandonk. The document was finalized in October 2008, presented to the Inter-Ministerial Programme on Biodiversity (IPB) in December 2009, and approved by the Inter-Ministerial Group of Directors on Biodiversity (IDO-B) in January 2009.

The report describes four communication challenges for the Dutch government:

  1. Increasing the visibility, knowledge and public awareness of biodiversity among the Dutch population (including formal and non-formal education, youth, etc.)
  2. Awareness-raining and activating of specific target populations (business, citizens, formal and non-formal education, consumers);
  3. Processing communication on innovations for biodiversity (on-the-ground action alternatives, e.g., in trade chains etc.)
  4. The government's own responsibility for biodiversity (making effective efforts, setting examples)

The report includes building blocks for programming. The annexes contain extensive policy, senders and target groups in the Netherlands which may very well be used to inform further activities and programs (In Dutch):


On the basis of the comBIO project also a webtool was established. This was meant to of aid to anyone who wants to communicate about biodiversity. The webtool "Communicating about biodiversity” (in Dutch: "Communiceren over biodiversiteit” provides guidance to develop communication about biodiversity and to implement it efficiently. Also the webtool provides texts and images with inspiration for biodiversity communication. The webtool originally was a separate website. During the update of the portal in 2021 the content of the webtool was archived in a pdf document (in Dutch).

Campaign EC

See also the documents of the 2009 European Commission’s Biodiversity Campaign: