TEEB-studies in The Netherlands (2011-2013)

In 2011 and 2012 a number of TEEB studies ('The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity') have been commissioned for by the Dutch Government.

The aim of the studies was to indicate the economic value of ecosystem services. In the first place this served to raise awareness of nature's values among different parts and levels of Dutch Government, the business community and citizens. Secondly, the studies were to be used as a basis for developing strategies to actually incorporate these insights in economic decisions.

Five TEEB studies for the Netherlands were finalized.

TEEB 'Green, healthy and Productive'

The TEEB study Groen, gezond en productief ('Green, healthy and productive') was published by KPMG in May 2012. It was presented to Parliament on 15 May 2012 (presentation letter and press release, both in Dutch). The English translation of the study was published in November 2012.

TEEB for the Dutch Business community

The TEEB study for the Dutch Business community was published by KPMG in June 2012. It was presented to Parliament on 21 June 2012 (presentation letter and news item, both in Dutch) and further introduced at a seminar "Biodiversity; opportunities for Dutch Businesses" on 5 September 2012 (see report in Dutch). During this seminar also some front running companies presented their business cases for biodiversity. Nine sectors were studied. The TEEB for Business report shows that there are actions that companies can take, and there are opportunities for companies that anticipate the growing pressure on biodiversity. In addition to safeguarding their future survival, they will enjoy first-mover advantages. To trump their competitors, companies must quickly analyze their risks and opportunities in relation to biodiversity and assess their financial impact. This study provides tips on how to perform such an analysis.

TEEB for Cities

The TEEB study for Dutch Cities was published in 2012. It was presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation on 3 October 2012 (presentation letter in Dutch).

TEEB for the Caribbean Netherlands

In 2011 en 2012 a research team lead by IVM (VU) performed a study in order to estimate the value of nature on the island Bonaire. The summary report was published in 2012: What’s Bonaire’s Nature Worth?  Additionally the project delivered whole suite of brochures (policy briefs) and background reports:

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TEEB for Land use management in the Netherlands

The TEEB study for (land use management of) Areas ('TEEB for Gebieden’ in Dutch) was published by Wageningen University and Research and PBL in April 2014. It was presented to Parliament in that same month.

Report Biodiversity Strategies

As contribution to the TEEB studies the Dutch national environment assessment agency PBL in 2010 produced the report ‘Rethinking Global Biodiversity Strategies’ : Exploring structural changes in production and consumption to reduce biodiversity loss.