The guide 'Biodiversiteit Werkt' (‘Biodiversity Works’) was meant to inspire people and to show how much fun and useful it is to work with biodiversity in the direct neighborhood and delivers nice results. The guide was aiming at people wanting to get involved in biodiversity-related activities (citizens, businesses, civil organizations and governments) and was developed in by the  Dutch ministry VROM (now IenW) and was hosted on the website of that ministry. The launch took place on the conference 'Biodiversiteit werkt' on the 28th of September 2005. In 2009 the guide was moved to the Dutch CHM portal (under the title 'Get going with Biodiversity!'). During the update of the portal in 2021 the content of the guide was archived in a pdf document (in Dutch). 

Additionally the file ‘Voorbeeldprojecten Handreiking Biodiversiteit Werkt’ (Example projects) lists an array of projects for inspiration (in Dutch).

Also the reference documents related to these projects are available here (all documents in Dutch).